Messy Play

Zaidi ya Dreams Children’s Family runs Messy Play classes around Nairobi to fund the home. The children attend the classes two at a time on a rotation. This gives them invaluable opportunities to  interact with the community and other children while also having a lot of fun.
Class are between 600 and 800ksh depending on the location and the number of children attending.

0718 721 986

If we don’t have a class near you and you have some interested friends and you are happy for us to find some extras to get classes up to at least 10 students please give us a call.

0718 721 986

Open classes with space are
Friday 10am Loresho and 3:30pm  New Mathiga
Tuesday 3:30pm Hardy Karren.

There are classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in Gigiri but they are only open to those with security clearance in the American Embassy.

Messy Play:
Children learn and develop through Play. Through active play children learn to make choices, solve problems and think ahead, it helps the child to understand the world around them and cause and effect. Messy play is particularly helpful because it stimulates many senses at once. In some children it can also help them to develop self confidence and overcome shyness.

You will need to pack you child a healthy snack and drink.
A change of cloths is a must as children will become very messy.
You may choose to bring a painting smock.
* we only use washable and non-toxic materials.

The class begins with singing action songs for around 20 minuets. This time will be shorter when we start the class until the children know the songs and are engaged.
We have a short break for children to take snack and refresh, around 10 -15min depending on the general mood.
We then do a different messy play activity every week for around 30min depending on individual child’s interest.


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