Family Reunification.

Zaidi ya dreams recognizes that the last place a child should be is in a children’s home.  The damage that institutional care has on developing brains is undeniable. The cost of looking after a child in an institution is four times more than that of supporting a family to look after their child. We therefore actively seek any link to a safe family member who is able to care for the child. Sometimes this takes days and sometimes it takes years.

When a carer is identified we asses their ability and willingness to care for the child. In some cases we need to pay rent and often pay school fees so that the child can continue to get a good education.

We monitor the children with their care giver to make sure they are having their basic needs met. If we feel there is a failure on the part of the career than we refer to the children’s office.

We have reunified 25 children so far. We actively support five of these children within their family.

Top left Galvin in his home in Kissi with his uncle. Right Inside the House. Bottom Sammy and his Grandmother in Kitale.


Beyond Dreams

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