How do the Children come to you?

We work with the Police and the Children’s office to give children care and protection in a time of need. The relevant authorities call us and request us to take a child. We then go to the police station or office and pick up the child.

What happens when we take a child?

When a child comes into our care the first thing we do is to make sure the child has something to eat and drink. The next step is the hospital. All children are checked for HIV on arrival so that they can be treated if necessary. They then are welcomed home with a lot of enthusiasm from staff and children. We begin to investigate where the child came from and if there is a link to family that can be followed up. for children who may be lost not abandoned, we put posters in the place where the child was found and visit churches on the weekends to see if anyone knows the child. We have traced family for every child who was able to walk or crawl away from a care giver.

How are we funded?

We receive no funding from the government. We rely on donations to meet the needs of the children.

Are we faith based?

While we are bringing the children up in the christian faith our practices are not determined by any organization. We are also teaching the kids about all major religions and encouraging love and acceptance of all.

What will happen to the children when they grow up?

Many of our children have no link with their family’s. Most cannot be freed for adoption. This means that they will be with us until they are able to stand on their own. The age at which a child exists will depend on their ability. Some children may need more help for longer to be able to obtain independent living. We have some children with special needs who may need some level of support all of their lives. Minimum age of exit will be 18 years old. We do however aim to have a family environment where the child always feels they have somewhere to go in hard times.




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