Health starts with nutrition. The children eat three meals and two snacks a day.

All meals are 1/4 protein 1/4 grain and 1/2 fruit and veg of three or more colors.

They have two cups of dairy fresh from the cow every day.

Some children come extremely malnourished and need more intense feeding to get them up to weight. We have had to wake children up at night to eat as often as every two hours.

Good food handling and proper food preparation and cleanliness are also vital to keeping the children healthy.

Immunizations play a huge part in helping the kids avoid contracting communicable diseases. Many of these are provided by the government for free.

Basic common illnesses can be dealt with by affordable doctors in our local area. Sadly however many children have come to us with complex and life threatening issues. These issues need to be dealt with in the upper tear private sector which cost a lot of money. We have unpaid bills in the only pediatric hospital but we have lives with us that would have otherwise been lost.




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