Daniella  joined us in January 2014 we called her Christabella but soon came to know her real name was Daniella. Efforts to switch the kids from calling her Bella to Ella failed miserably.

She came as a lost child having been found freezing and alone  in a door way. She was violent towards the other children and quickly earned herself a reputation that was hard to challenge. She would kick or hit and child who attempted to get close.

Her mother came forward soon after but was too drunk to make sense so police chased her away before we arrived. It took two moths for her to return by which time we had observed Bella well enough to know she had been seriously neglected and abused. Our investigations revealed concerns about child trafficking and other disturbing information serviced.  The mother was asked for details and contacts but she failed to return. Police felt that Bella should remain in care to avoid further abuse.


Bella is a bright and happy girls who loves school and painting. She can not stand waiting and is constantly being served last because she is screaming about not having whatever it is that is being given to those waiting nicely. She is keen and spots injustice a mile off. She loves hugs and reading stories. She hates having her hair done but insists on having a pretty head band on to go out since we shaved her head until she decides she wants her hair done.  She is much less violent but still has a bad temper.



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