Emmanuel Madiba

MadibaIMG_2822Madiba Joined us on January 4th after his mother gave him to a neighbor on the 31st of December saying she was just comming in a moment. The mother has not been seen since. Only her first name is known.

Madiba was waering a bracelet with MANUH writen on it. We belive therefore that his name is Emmanuel. Since we already have and Emmanuel with us we have given him the name Madbia after Nelson Madiba Mandela.

He is in good health with only a mild chest infection. He is an easy baby who does not fuss. He is around four months old. He has poor muscle tone and some skin rash but nothing serious.

We are looking forward to seeing him grow.

UPDATE JAN 2015 Madiba’s first few months were plagued with chest infections but he has been of good health since then. He is now a year old and running around enjoying life. He loves hugs from adults but likes his space from the other baby’s.



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