Galvin came to us when he was almost two years old. He has already been in hospital for several weeks and other children’s home for a further two weeks while he continued treatment under the care of their nurse. He was malnourished and traumatised. He was so weak when he was rescued that he could not even sit up. By they time he reached us he had just learnt to sit up. He could not speak. He was smaller than seven month old Emmanuel.

Galvin mother was living with another man, they began to argue and he decided to throw them. The big man threw Galvin onto the cement floor breaking his leg in three places. We were originally told that she got a kitchen knife and stabbed him out of anger of being throw out. This was witnessed by Galvin and the neighbours. We were told that she did not notice that Galvin leg was broken till the next day. We were told that she bribed her way out of remand, escaped trial and abandoned Galvin in the hospital. We recently received a call from a social worker in the prison asking us if Galvin could visit. We went to talk with her last week. She is claiming self defense and was rearrested when she started to look for her child. She has been remanded for almost a year with no trial. We will be taking Galvin to visit her next week after careful consideration from our social worker in consultation with the prison social worker.

Galvin has sickle cell anemia which has given him may problems to over come. When his leg began to heal and his cast was removed the doctor told us to start trying to make him walk, without first repeating an xray. Had he repeated the xray he would have seen that due to Galvins condition there was an infection in the bone. Galvin woke up with a swollen leg we took him back to hospital where they said that not only had the leg snapped under his own weight but that the infection and break had set off a cycle cell crisis. He was treated and recovered well. He has only had one crisis since. He had early heart failure but a blood transfusion was able to fix the problem since it was caught early. Galvin was a scared child. He didn’t talk or play. He was simply terrified of everything. He started to walk when he was almost three after intensive physiotherapy. Speech came slowly but with speech therapy he is now doing well. A few months ago we noted a dramatic change in him. He is now becoming confidant and happy. He speaks well and without fear. He is very bright soaking in everything around him. He still has many medical challenges ahead of him but now he is enjoying life.


Beyond Dreams

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