Moses Charlie Imara

Moses paintMoses Imara came to us on June 27th. He was taken to the police by his mother where she asked to leave him. They refused to take him so she abandoned him in the police compound. Some one saw him alone and told him to go find his mother. he crawled and walked (holding onto things) we guess for a km or so to St Teressa church. A good seminarian found him and spent the day looking for his mother. by late afternoon she brought him back to the police station. We were there to pick baby Emily and so were blessed with two babies. Moses is named for his journey and Imara meaning strong and resolute. He has rickets but with a good diet and supplements he is improving fast. He can now walk on his own. We estimate him to be a 14months. He is a happy child who although showing signs of neglect and lack of attachment is adapting fast.

Update. Moses has really enjoyed having more toddlers to play with. He is a very happy energetic little boy who always makes us laugh.

UPDATE JAN 2015 after 18 months with us Moses grandmother came looking for him. It took her three months after our initial meeting with her to come and visit him which she has done once. The mothers location is not currently knows. His dad is around but when our social worker went to visit with him he was unconscious due to substance abuse and could not be woken.

He is a very bright boy who excels at all things school. He needs to be constantly challenged or he quickly turns to mischief. He is a delight to all who meet him.



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