peterWhen peter came to us he was in a very bad condition. He was thought to be around three months old and weighed only 2.6kg. You could see every bone in his body. his skin hung from him in folds. His eyes were sunk, his skin was cold and ashy.

He was admitted to Gertrude’s children’s hospital for re-feeding and re-hydration.  This was a delicate task since he had been starving for so long (Re-feeding syndrome). Sadly it quickly became evident that something was wrong. He threw us everything he was fed even when given a feeding tube. It took a full week for him to be diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis which is the thickening of the intestinal wall which stops the food being digested.

By this time he was in such a bad condition that he was unlikely to survive the surgery. While he was awaiting surgery he went into respiratory distress and needed to be put on oxygen as they addressed a almost fatal drop in potassium levels.

He eventually had his surgery and survived it. It was months before he was able to eat freely  at which time he began  grow. He still has a lot of struggles to overcome but he is doing very well. He started to crawl just after his first birthday. He is now 1y 3m   he is a happy go lucky little guy with a big smile for everyone.


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