Cliff and Ranny twins were removed from their mother at seven months of age weighing only 5kgs they were both malnourished. Neighbours alerted the authorities after Clifford was burnt on the back of his head with an oil lamp while his parents were drunk. They did not seek medical attention for Clifford for two weeks. When authorities arrived they found the wound infected and infested with maggots. They were taken to a children’s home but the home had no space for them long term. It was the same home as Ivan and Ivyon. They asked us to take them when they were 14 months old. Both boys had severe delays. Neither could crawl or bare weight on their legs. Radford could not bang to object together and Cliford could not even hold an object. It did not take long to see a dramatic change in the boys. Cliford did not walk till he was two years old with both boys having received intensive physiotherapy. Today they are bright happy loving boys who can sing, laugh and play. Radford is outgoing and talkative. Clifford is more reserved and observant. Both boys love hugs.


Beyond Dreams

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