Wonder came to us in March 2014 a deeply disturbed child. She had been routinely locked in the house with her six month old baby brother for days on end. She had no verbal skills since she had nobody to talk to. Her nightmares reveal that she was regularly beaten and miss treated.

One time that she was locked up with her brother the mother returned after some days to find the infant dead and cold. Wonder had been alone with her dead brother for quite some time. The cause of death is unknown but dehydration is likely.

A family friend intervened and  had wonder removed from the house. She was in two other homes before being placed with us. Her mother first visited after six months and has had occasional visits since then. Wonder showed no recognition for her the first time she visited.  These days she runs to her mother but after seeing what goodies she has brought largely ignores her.

Wonder was a big challenge to use here at the home. She took along time to learn to talk and even then it was only in a whisper. She would not say a single word in public and would even throw her self on the ground and lay as if dead when we tried to get her to engage in play group. Things improved over time but they took a drastic turn for the better when she started speech therapy and was given a dog to whom she could sit and talk. Within a week of the dogs arrival she said her first word to a stranger, in public. She is now a talkative little thing who will argue with her age mates in a strong and loud voice.

she still struggles with tantrums, nightmares and is delayed in learning empathy for others leading to violence and in appropriate response to others pain.

She loves being close to people and seeks attention constantly. She shows interest in school and does well.



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