We are blessed to have the support of some amazing people here are some of the organizations who are contributing to the home.

Bayside Family Medical & Musculoskeletal Practice.


(08) 8295 1890

7 Brighton Road, Glenelg, SA, 5045 Australia



Bayside has been an invaluable support to the home. They facilitated first aid training for all of our staff. They have done several fund raisers for the home and most importantly Dr Jennie Wright offers 24h medical advise over the phone. This has saved the lives of several children in our care since medical attention, even in the best hospitals is not great and children need advocates to get the care they need.

Open Hearts International 

Babu and Beverly Omido visit with the children and assist us around the house.

The children know them as Shosho and Babu (Grandma and Grandpa)


They are working on getting regular donors to the home but have already gathered considerable donations allowing us to by a washer dryer and meet some of our basic needs.

AFB Kenya


 AFB have been very generous in providing us with a water tank, a water filter and so many baby items and food stuff. They also had a great fun day with the kids.



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