For just $50 USD or 5000ksh a month you can sponsor one of these beautiful children.

While the babies cost over $200 a month to raise feed and educate we aim to have other means of sustaining the cost.


Almost all of our staff are mothers working hard to get money to put their children through school. By sponsoring a staff member you help us pay her wage in part or full allowing her to meet the needs of her children and often her extended family.

The four nanny / house keeper positions start from 7000ksh or $77.50 Aus a month.

Senior Nanny’s are receiving 8000ksh or $110 Aus.

The cook and house manager/social worker earn 10,000ksh or $130 Aus a month.

We need a councilor but currently have no funds for this.

We are really struggling to meet the wages of the professional workers so any staff sponsorship would go a huge way to helping us maintain the quality of our service to these children.


We spend $125 a week on fresh fruit and veg at the local market but this shop has been sponsored.

We spend  $250 a month on meat fish and chicken.

We spend around $1000 a month on cereals, beans, washing powder  and other monthly shopping items.



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